USB Hard drive Errors

MG m.s0128532 at
Sat Apr 18 07:41:09 UTC 2009

/mnt/usb* I meant yeah it now shows usb1 usb2 usb 3 usb4
but no innaccurate free space

2009/4/18 Daniel Dalton <daniel.dalton at>

> On Fri, Apr 17, 2009 at 05:03:06PM +0100, MG wrote:
> >    I got the hard drives in dev/usb1 etc by messing around
> >    is it possible to mount them and be able to tell me the correct size?
> Should be /dev/sd*...?
> Unless ubuntu does things differently. When you plug it in ru:
> sudo dmesg | tail
> This should tell you the location of your hardrive; be sure to mount the
> partition  not the device eg.
> /dev/sdx1 not /dev/sx sdx is the device, sx1 is the file system with
> your data, or sx2 or whatever.
> >      I already selected NTFS writing
> Shouldn't gnome mount it automatically for you? If not, do something
> like
> sudo mount -t ntfs device mmntpoint.
> man mount for more details.
> Daniel.
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