How to figure out which, if any, update changed /etc/localtime from a link to a hard file?

David M. Karr davidmichaelkarr at
Fri Apr 17 23:43:14 UTC 2009

NoOp wrote:
> On 04/17/2009 09:59 AM, David M. Karr wrote:
>> NoOp wrote:
>>> Which version of tzdata-java do you have installed?
>> I have version 2009a.
>>> The most recent updata for intrepid was:
>>> 2009f-0ubuntu0.8.10
>>> Published in intrepid-proposed on 2009-04-16
>>> tzdata (2009f-0ubuntu0.8.10) intrepid-proposed; urgency=low
>>>   * New timezone data 2009f: (LP: #358232):
>>>     - Fix DST rules for Jordan, Palestine, and Pakistan.
>>>  -- Martin Pitt <email address hidden>   Thu, 16 Apr 2009 12:41:46 +0200
>> That was, like, yesterday. :)
>> I don't see that it matters, however.  It seems pretty clear the tzdata 
>> for my timezone is perfectly fine, but the algorithm used to find the 
>> data was broken by the fact that /etc/localtime wasn't a symlink.  I 
>> verified that fixing this problem fixed the problem on multiple JVMs, 
>> even ones that I hadn't even run the 2009a tzdata on.
> How did you find the problem? It might be helpful to others if you can
> provide a link/ref in case someone else runs into the same in the future.

The thread I started on c.l.j.p has some info about this: 

> Interesting; none of my systems (hardy & intrepid) have /etc/localtime
> symlinked. Now, usr/share/zoneinfo/localtime is a symlink *back* to
> /etc/localtime.

Even stranger.

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