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> Hi gang,
> Last week or a couple of weeks ago there was a thread about
> the
> compatibility of different printers with unbuntu along with
> their
> quality etc...  
> Anyhow it go me thinking.  I'm looking to buy an all in
> one network
> inkjet printer over the next little bit.  Is there
> something people
> would recommend or equally good something to avoid?  (Right
> now, I'm not
> all keen on Brother.)
> thanks
> al
Don't know what you have against Brother but the model I have, MFC-490CW which also includes fax, meets your stated needs and has wireless features.  All printers have some faults and shortcomings.  I had two Epson's; the first, a CX6400 lasted about 2 yrs before the nozzle plugged, the second lasted about a year and just quit working, so, no more Epsons for me even though they had good print quality.  Hp has a reputation for quality but high ink costs but has currently quality issues. The story goes on and on.
I don't use a printer heavily and my issues have been with plugged nozzles that nozzle cleaning fixed.  What I like about the Brother I have, is that it has a feature that daily cleans the nozzle automatically, doesn't even have to be on, and it always prints perfectly the first time.  Print quality is also excellent.
Other than some new models require you to install the linux drivers in a non-standard way using the --force-architecture(which really doesn't hurt anything) which you must download from the Brother site, I find drivers work well on my printer. 
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