Any Thunderbird Mail Experts?

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Backing up your .mozilla-thunderbird directory is all it takes. Add-Ons
that you install as non-root are installed there as well and will be


GaryT wrote:
> I've contacted an infection and plan to reinstall Ubuntu 8.1;
> then reinstall the other software.
> The one that might cause some pain is Thunderbird Mail.
> It's version if that makes any difference.
> Does anyone know precisely what's involved?  Apart from what seems the
> obvious - saving and copying mailbox files?
> One could easily copy all the files under .mozilla-thunderbird into the
> same location of the new installation, and hope that completes the task,
> but, is anything else required? Is there perhaps a config file somewhere 
> that needs modification before the new Thunderbird installation will 
> automatically adopt all those mailbox files?
> Does anyone know all the facts?
> Help much appreciated
> Linux newby
> GT

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