Can not mount NTFS partition/files(Newbie)

Ed Oneill kodiack91 at
Fri Apr 17 03:51:59 UTC 2009

Need Help !  I have a usb 500g seagate drive partitioned with g-parted into (3) partitions
one partition is 3g, one fat 32 and one ntfs(formatted in windows)
I am useing Ubuntu 8.10 and I followed directions to auto mount(with ntfs config tool) and manually mount wtih  the terminal all with the same results each time .3g partition and fat 32 show up on desktop but not the ntfs. Ntfs can not be mounted! all (3) partitions show up under places,computer I have tried for several hours over the past few days and did many searches
but no results as of yet! Don't know what I am doing wrong! 

                                                                  Thanks !

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