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Evans Jahja pokemon_master493 at live.com
Sat Apr 11 15:22:48 UTC 2009

Roy Smith wrote:
> Evans Jahja wrote:
>> Evans Jahja wrote:
>>> Hi all, this is not a serious bug, but it's better if anyone could 
>>> fix it. When I start up my computer until I got Ubuntu's login menu, 
>>> the time shows 6:47 pm (nearly correct, I think this is the time 
>>> when the system up) but after a few seconds it says 7:00 pm, which 
>>> is the correct time and it looks like the clock works normally. Now, 
>>> is there any way to refresh the time faster at login time? Thank you.
>> Follow Up, just in case you need to know, I'm running Ubuntu Jaunty.
> How old is this computer?  It sounds like the battery backup for your 
> BIOS is about to expire and causing your system clock to lose time.  
> It's an easy fix if this is a desktop pc as the battery is on the 
> motherboard.  The typical battery is about the size of a US Nickel and 
> is a CR2032 available at most places that sell watch batteries.  If 
> this is the problem you need to do this soon as it can scramble your 
> BIOS up so bad that the pc won't even boot.  Do not remove the battery 
> for more than 5 minutes as this too could cause you to lose your BIOS 
> settings.
No, I don't think this is the problem since when I go to the BIOS it 
shows the correct time, and I tried it on windows without internet 
connection and it shows the correct time.

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