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> >>>
> >>
> >>
> >> As for this one. As I said before...
> >> Nothing there. I don't know when you last checked but it's dead as
> >> Again, it's a bitch to reply to a message when you put it in an
> >>
> >
> > Sorry to disagree, but I followed the link you claim does not work and
> > works just fine. All menu choices go where they say they do.
> >
> > Running on Ubuntu 8.04, reading your posts with Thunderbird,
> > browsing to on Firefox 3.0.8 without misbehaviour or
> > complaint. The site is laid out with frames so the top header and left
> > menu don't change but the content to the right does just fine. Certain
> > choices jump to other pages as called for.
> >
> As a side note, you can also use and go to the same
> exact page.

If it is indeed exactly the same then it's quite flaky.  But despite using
IE6 to get around (IE7 doesn't work on my system) it's all I currently have.
Even using Intellitamper to search for internal links, the search came up
with very little on the website.  Now based on what people here have been
saying to me and about me,
I am very disappointed. While it seems you might be friendly towards new
users, in my case you've indicated that you're not too particular to
experienced (but not "expert") DOS/Windows
users who are seeking to make a transition to Linux.

BTW I have tried the Windoze version of Firefox and - I'm not impressed
(yeah, yeah, what else is new?) so that's why I don't use it. Maybe under
Linux it will be different.....

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