Network Manager oddness (what's new you may ask!)

Steve Cook yorvik.ubunto at
Thu Apr 16 20:25:13 UTC 2009

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Chris G wrote:
> Until recently the Network Manager applet in my top panel did what it
> was supposed to do and caused no problems.
> Just recently though (not sure when this happened as I rarely use it)
> it seems to have lost the plot somewhat.  When I right click on it and
> select Connection Information from the menu it just pops up amessage
> box saying:-
>     Error displaying connection information:
>     No valid active connections found!
> But everything is actually working fine, my computer is on a LAN
> behind a router, I can see the other systems on the LAN and I can use
> the internet as I always could.
> If I click on Edit Connections then the *only* connection that Network
> Manager seems to know about is a Mobile Broadband one which I don't
> use and which is correctly set not to connect automatically.  Nothing
> shows up in Wired which is where my working connection should be.
You’re not alone! 1 of the 4 machines in my house does that and as it is
working OK I’ve just ignored it.

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