the infamous linux wifi monster strikes

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Thu Apr 16 02:56:05 UTC 2009

--- On Wed, 4/15/09, Robert Holtzman <holtzm at> wrote:

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> Subject: Re: the infamous linux wifi monster strikes
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> Date: Wednesday, April 15, 2009, 8:33 PM
> On Tue, 14 Apr 2009, Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> > Run "sudo aptitude update"
> > "sudo aptitude install wicd"
> > Without the quotes, of course.  You may find that your
> wifi card just works after installing wicd. Reboot just to
> be safe.
> Tried wicd and got *some* progress. It says I'm
> connected but I can't
> ping anything (including the router) nor can I access
> anything on the
> net.
> > No expert here but, if you want to give NM another
> try, then try adding the nameserver that
> > worked before in resolv.conf and using NM add the
> ESSID to the 
> > wireless setup if you can find it; maybe using the
> drop down menus. I have wicd installed so can't check
> for you.
> > My best advice would be to switch to wicd ipo NM. 
> Personally, I could never get NM to keep a stable wifi setup
> > and so have many othrs.  Never had any trouble with
> wicd.  HTH.
> I would be ecstatic if I could get it to connect *at all*.
> The frustration builds.
> Thanks for the reply.
Well Bob, did you click on the wicd icon in the system tray?  What did it say? Have you tried to check out the auto setup to see if everything is ok.
Checking out the wicd man page may be of help. You may have to enter something like an SSID for the wifi, but just going through the manual and seeing what is on the wicd manager(left click the tray icon) will probably call your attention to something incomplete or wrong. If you can't find something suspicious then you might do a screenshot of the wicd manager and Preferences, put it on the internet and give us the url to it. More info to the list would be helpful.  Any error messages, etc.
Leonard Chatagnier
lenc5570 at

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