Linking Files: Hard Link vs. Soft Link?

Derek Broughton derek at
Wed Apr 15 15:35:53 UTC 2009

Tim Frost wrote:

>> Is it possible to create a hard link to a directory somehow?
> No. In general, a directory is a container, and as such it defines a
> place in the tree which holds files (and other directories).  That
> container only makes sense in that one place in the tree.

Fascinating discussion. I have practically never used hard links simply
because symlinks work across filesystems, and KDE only does symlinks, so
I'm really not that familiar with hard links, but I don't understand that
particular point.  If, for instance, you have your music collection set up
with hierarchies for artist and genre, then the "leaf" of both is probably
an "album", which is probably a directory.  There's no intrinsic reason why
a directory should be treated differently from a file afaict.

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