8.10 freezing a lot more recently.

Steve Cook yorvik.ubunto at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 15 16:31:40 UTC 2009

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NoOp wrote:
> On 04/15/2009 08:04 AM, Dirk Freitag wrote:
>> Steve Cook wrote:
> [...]
>>>> The computer is only a few months old.  It is a Lenovo IdeaPad
>>>> S10 with an Intel Atom processor.  I am unable to check the
>>>> temperature in the BIOS, but I am fairly certain that it is not
>>>> overheating.  I do only have 1GB of memory, so I think this
>>>> could definitely be contributing to it.  I will have to
>>>> continue to watch it.  Thanks for the input though.
>>>> --
>>> 1 Gig of memory is quite adequate.  I have a machine running 8.10
>>> with 384MiB of memory and a 500MHz CPU with out any problems. The
>>> times have suffered lock ups have always been hardware problems. 
>>> Generally reseating cables etc. has cured them, or replacing
>>> power supplies. Just because a machine is new doesn’t mean there
>>> isn’t a hardware problem.
>> This is true.  I am really hoping that I am not having hardware
>> issues already with this machine.  Maybe I should have noted, that
>> it only freezes and has problems when my girlfriend is using it for
>> school trying to take online tests and classes through IEs4linux.
>> She has to use IEs4linux because the site that she has to use to
>> take her online courses do not like Firefox in Linux.  She uses
>> Firefox on her windows laptop at her house for these sites without
>> any problems.  But if you try to access the sites through Firefox
>> in Linux, you get an error saying that the site only works under IE
>> or Netscape.
> In that case, I'd recommend trying prefbar[1] and setting the 'User 
> Agent' to IE WinXP. That will temporarily 'spoof' the UA so that the 
> site thinks it is talking to IE. If she can use Fx from her Windows 
> machine, then she should be able to use it from your linux machine.
> If you have a link to the sight (one that does not require a
> password), then it should be fairly easy to see what the browser is
> sniffing for.
> [1] http://prefbar.mozdev.org/
I was going to suggest https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/59
which has help me in the past.

>> So I installed IEs4Linux to see if that would work, and it did,
>> except when she went to take a test, the computer froze.  And it
>> keeps freezing (at different points I might add) when she tries to
>> take a test on the site.  I apologize that I was not more specific
>> with my first email, but maybe this is the issue?
> Perhaps. However, I also have IEs4Linux (IE6) installed on several 
> systems - the lowest being 1.6Ghz/768MB - and it seems to be
> reasonably well behaved. (My son also takes courses where IE is
> _required_ & Fx will not work at all - even with UA spoofing).
Can’t say I’ve had much success with IEs4Linux, it has never been
particularly stable on any machine I’be tried it on.

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