Linking Files: Hard Link vs. Soft Link?

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Amichai Rotman schreef:
> Hello again,
> Tim was the closest to an answer, but I think I got even more confused...
> Here is what I have:
> A 160 GB HDD with one primary partition formated as ext3. this partition
> contains all of my media files in an alphabetized hierarchy - 8814 files
> in 904 directories.
> Another hierarchy I'd like to link the actual files by categories:
> /Data/Artwork/
> |-- Audio
> |-- Extras
> |-- Movies
> |-- Music Video Clips
> |-- TV
> |-- Video
> |-- Visuals
> `-- eTexts
> Some directories contain a both video and audio, so I'd like to link
> some of the files to the Audio and some to the Video categories.
> I currently have only 11GB free, and I'd like to minimize the waste of
> space, so here are my questions:
> I understand hard links will not delete be a problem as long as I check
> the link count with ls -l. They will also save space because soft links
> are broken and stay there as a separate entity in the FS and just take
> up space.
> I'd like to know what would be the best way to link the files from the
> alphabetized hierarchy to the category hierarchy.
> Is there a way to covert soft links to hard links? I I use Konqueror to
> drag a bunch of files from directory to directory I can then choose to
> (soft) link them....
> I also need help with the Bash script. I don't know much on scripting....
> Thanks!

You could also try
Just copy your duplicate files all over the place, and when you're done,
run /Data


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