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"Ugly Me" <ugly at>  said:
> Thanks, but for all practical purposes, does NOT exist.
> Oh you can go there, but try it!
> All the links are fake and lead back to itself.
> Mind you, I haven't run Intellitamper on it yet to find hidden links,
> but what is obvious to the casual eye isn't much.
Is your browser broken?  When I go to the link it is one <page down>
til I find:

Ha ha ha what a crock.

Of course the obvious is clear.
EVERY page states

8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) Released !

Ubuntu 8.10 and the Edubuntu 8.10 have been released! Grab the latest
versions of Ubuntu and Edubuntu while they are hot!

And they don't lead anywhere.

Serious. I thought someone out there was serious instead of jerking me
Is this what the Ubuntu community is all about?
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