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Steve Reilly schreef:

> Amedee Van Gasse (ubuntu) wrote:
>> But still I don't know any good reason why someone would install a 4
>> year old version of Ubuntu on a 10 year old desktop pc, if a current
>> version of Ubuntu is just as good.
> agreed, i cant say for 9.04 but 8.04 runs fine on several "ex" win 98
> computers ive given away over the last several months.  had to upgrade
> the ram from 128 to 256, mind you they arent smokin fast, but fine for
> web surfing, open office, etc.  one of them i threw a 128mb nvidia card
> in, and runs any linux 3d game you can throw at it.  havent had 1 call
> from anyone about i cant run this, or i cant open that. in fact theyre
> all pretty impressed that they were immune from the lastest windows
> nonsense viruses and worms about lately.

Agreed, memory is the only issue for 10 year old computers. If a memory
upgrade isn't possible, use Puppy Linux: it is optimized for a small memory.
Sure it's not Ubuntu, but it's Linux. I bet that given enough time, say
a couple of weeks, I could create an Ubuntu-based Linux that also has an
extremely low memory footprint, if I wanted to. And so could anyone else
who follows this mailing list. I'm sure that the documentation already
exists in the wiki, it's just a simple matter of piecing everything
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