Franz Waldmüller waldbauernbub at
Mon Apr 13 14:03:04 UTC 2009

Richard Harmer-Brown schrieb:
> I want to load Ubuntu onto a computer ex win 98 but still with the DOS 
> partition, but I cant boot or start the CD
Your BIOS must support booting from CD. Check all options in the BIOS 
setup. If the CD-Drive isn't listed as boot-device you have three options:
-) check the website of the manufacturer of the mainboard. There may be 
a BIOS-Update available

-) Boot from a USB-Flashdrive: since your MB doesn't support booting 
from CD-Drive yo won't have much luck booting from USB

-) Create a boot floppy: I just did a quick search but I only can 
provide a german tutorial. This might give you a hint for further research
It is about downloading the image of the floppy
And writing the image to the floppy, in Windows use the program rawwritewin
on Linux use the terminal:
  dd if=./sbootmgr.dsk of=/dev/fd0

Since your PC is running Windows98, Ubuntu might be two heavy.
Check out Xubunuu and Puppy Linux for a good Linux experience on old 

Wish you luck

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