GoogleEarth which way to install it...???

Evans Jahja smkururu at
Mon Apr 13 12:51:25 UTC 2009

Larry Shields wrote:
> *Ok fellows, here I go once again asking for help on which way I should 
> install Google Earth for it to work when installed...Should I download 
> it from Google, or from Synaptic, since I had a problem in getting it to 
> work last week...
> I was told that the file was the problem, and to 
> delete it, or rename it, so after messing with that file, my system 
> would not bootup gdm...I did a complete reinstall of Jaunty, so far 
> everything is working just fine, this time just maybe things will work 
> out for the best...
> So any suggestions on which way to install it would be appreciated...
> All so thanks to everyone who replied back to my problem last week...
> Thanks Larry
> *
I guess you should download it from Synaptic, but I'm not sure. Synaptic 
should be able to handle dependencies.


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