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J. Limon jlimon at eml.cc
Mon Apr 13 04:46:43 UTC 2009

On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 12:32:06AM -0400, Michael Haney wrote:
> I've often wondered why none of the netbook makers are using the
> faster 2GHz dual-core HyperThreaded Atom 330 processor.  Basically,
> Intel didn't want to develop the Atom processor, but they had no
> choice but to do so because of the growing netbook market and the
> increasing market share VIA was getting with their low-powered x86
> compatible processor.  The Atom 330 is available but not in
> configurations suitable for netbooks.  This is because Intel is afraid
> manufacturers will build larger notebooks using the faster chip and
> thus cutting into their profit margins since they don't really make
> any money off the Atom processor.  Nvidia had to work hard to get
> Intel to support their Ion technology (a chipset that lets an Atom CPU
> and Nvidia GPU work together better) because of this.
> I'm still going to build that Atom 330 machine.  I also need to
> upgrade the RAM on my laptop which runs Vista.  1GB of RAM isn't
> enough for Vista.  Whatever you all do avoid the Acer brand.
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Why do you say avoid Acer? The 10" Aspire One netebooks have glowing reviews.

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