server being a pain...

Steve Reilly sfreilly at
Mon Apr 13 01:13:32 UTC 2009

a_puzzeled_newbie(^_^); wrote:
> well like the title says the server i have set up at a remote location
> is being a pain in my rear! its an old p3 machine with 64 megs of ram...
> 128 soon as i get the other ram chip from the other machine i am
> scrapping. So far i have been able to install server edition 5.04 and
> upgrade from there. All other installs fail due to a stall at the
> partitioning section. Even when i run the cd check it says everything is
> fine on the disk and that it is ok. I am wanting to create a simple
> server for music sharing around the house... a video collection
> area.....  web site hosting while a windows box provides the dyndns
> update client up to date status. So far running this thing has been a
> royal pain in the *insert body part here*. I have been giving it the
> disk it needs and wants yet..... when i ask it to install an ftp server
> it asks for the same disk over and over again and even when i give it
> the disk it asks for it doesent see it. I am at wits end here and so far
> all i can think of is maybe updating the system later on when i have a
> chance to gather a new set of parts. But it would REALLY help if i could
> get this computer running. Idk guys what do you think should i switch
> OS' and try something else or.... idk but any help would be wonderful
> because hosting this all on a windows box that is constantly used just
> wont do it. 
> thanks all,
> benjamin1254

First, I wont bother asking why you tried to update an ancient 5.04, I
dont know how you even did it successfully. (if you did)

Why are you trying to install a package on a server with a cd?  and what
is the cd?  5.04?  whats wrong with apt-get install package name ?


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