Partition setup w/Vista64b

Geff Lampshire glampshir at
Mon Apr 13 00:55:49 UTC 2009

I'm trying to setup a dual boot Vista/Ubuntu laptop.  All goes well with 
the partition tool, except it craps out when I tell to re-partition the 
disk.  The tool sees the partitions on the disk, and the default 
repartition (shrink) of the Vista partion is what I want; about 12% of 
the 340G disk - and Ubuntu on the 300G partition.

I tell it to shrink the Vista (NTFS) partition, it starts and then 
stops, asks me to partition the entire 340G disk for a single partition 
Ubuntu.  It doesn't even see the NTFS partition anymore.  I then reboot 
into Vista, and run chkdsk - now I can attempt to re-install the Ubuntu, 
shrink the NTFS; and repeat?


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