New to linux/unbuntu need help screen res set too high cant log in!

Ed Oneill kodiack91 at
Mon Apr 13 00:07:00 UTC 2009

I am a newbie and do dot know much at all about how to use this os.
I was showing a friend how unbuntu worked and he was trying it to see if it would work for him he does a lot of photo editing and he changed screen resolution to a size not supported by my  screen! tried to research and follow some of the advice I found on web but nothing seemed to work! I am useing Unbuntu 8.10 and need to change the resolution of the screen from the log in screen or the failsafe terminal any help would be great!
as of right now I have a big problem! a really big problem!!! res. is much too high!
I don"t know much of anything about useing the terminal!
very basic instructions step by step would be greatly appreciated!!!
                                                                 Thanks in advance!!

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