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handsome dude wrote:

First, don't hijack a thre... Err, whatever you hijacked, don't it again (I'm confused... What thread did he hijacked? I don't see any "Welcome..." thread around).

>i m having problem with your original cd  
>its giving INVALID CD DETECTION.     > pls. fix it as sooon as possibl

I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it... Seriously, if you talking about CDs sent by Canonical, it's not us. You may want to take it to Canonical (http://www.canonical.com) but I think you should double-check it first. I used to have a DVD Writer that refuse to read a particular DVD Data disc even though that DVD Data disc read just fine in other DVD player. It turns out DVD Writer was accumulating dust in its lens. Easily fixed. However if it is full of scratch, now that's a problem I can't fix. You might otherwise download and burn iso images.



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