Setting up Ubuntu on a raided system

Mark Hannon markhannon at
Sun Apr 12 02:23:49 UTC 2009

If you have a working debian system you could boot the debian system,
create a new root partition for the ubuntu install and then use
debootsrap to install the system.  Recent versions of debootstrap
support ubuntu targets (see /usr/share/deboostrap/scripts).

I rarely use the installer to install anything.


On Sat, 2009-04-11 at 14:51 +0200, Franz Waldmüller wrote:

> Alan Chandler schrieb:
> > I have been a long time Debian Sid User, but I would like to explore the 
> > more structured release cycle that Ubuntu offers.
> > 
> > I downloaded the latest 9.04beta .iso and started to install, but unlike 
> > the debian installer, it didn't appear to offer an option to load up the 
> > raid software, so the partitioning options concentrated only on one 
> > offering to repartition my disks without raid applied.
> In order to setup a RAID-configuration you have to use the alternate-CD.
> As far as I am informed the alternate CD uses the Debian installer.
> I did the same as you: partition the harddisks and then use the 
> installer to create the md-devices.
> Wish you luck
> Franz
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