pikkin up n old bone "dial up'

John Heinen hensandpat at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 11 18:45:21 UTC 2009

squareyes wrote:
> John Heinen wrote:
>> I have windows and also open suse running just fine but I haver never
>> been able even with all the {outdated?)  references to get the dial-up
>> going on ubuntu 8.04-1  / seems to me that all the recources available
>> do not excactly point the way for a dial-up.
>> First step: System, adminstratrion, network,  then " A" Wired connection
>> or B point to point?/
> Hi John,
> try opening a terminal type in   sudo pppconfig and enter your password 
> when prompted.
> You should now be able to fill in details, leave the  "Provider" section 
> as is. It may not be able to find which port your modem is connected to, 
> so enter it manually. Serial external modems are usually workable, but 
> if you have a "winmodem" you may have problems, also some usb modems are 
> software driven and will also give you headaches.
> when it's all filled in connect by opening a terminal and type   pon
> Disconnect by typing   poff
> Hope this helps
> Take Care
> Winton
Hi, Thank you Winton and all for getting into this again.
Here is what I have

Ubuntu 8.04......
number 6373118 telephone nu
user hensandpat at earthlink.net isp user name
password xxxxx isp password
speed 115200 port speed
com /dev/ttyS2 modem com port
method PAP authentication method

Is that right, provided I typed in the right com details?
and than , how do I make the connection? Thanks for your patience John

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