Setting up Ubuntu on a raided system

Evans Jahja smkururu at
Sat Apr 11 12:53:22 UTC 2009

Alan Chandler wrote:
> I have been a long time Debian Sid User, but I would like to explore the 
> more structured release cycle that Ubuntu offers.
> I downloaded the latest 9.04beta .iso and started to install, but unlike 
> the debian installer, it didn't appear to offer an option to load up the 
> raid software, so the partitioning options concentrated only on one 
> offering to repartition my disks without raid applied.
> I am running a Raid1 system, with a boot, root and LVM partition all 
> raided (and with grub separately installed in the mbr of each of the 
> disks).  The fourth partition on each disk is set up as swap
> Much of this data must not be lost, so what I have done in the past with 
> a Debian install is initiate the raid and lvm systems, and then tell the 
> installation manually each raid device (/dev/md1 etc) and lvm lv 
> (/dev/raid/xxx etc) with its existing filesystem type and postition in 
> the directory hierarchy before installing the software.
> For ubuntu is there either
> a) an ability to invoke the debian style non graphical installer that 
> has these additional options, or
> b) do some form of upgrade by changing the /etc/apt/sources.list and 
> getting it to re-install all my software.
You'll need to use the alternate version.


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