Thunderbird's slow scrolling

Tommy Trussell tommy.trussell at
Fri Apr 10 23:17:48 UTC 2009

On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 4:04 PM, J. Limon <jlimon at> wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 03:56:58PM -0500, Tommy Trussell wrote:
>> On Tue, Apr 7, 2009 at 6:24 PM, J. Limon <jlimon at> wrote:
>> > Roy Smith wrote:
>> >> J. Limon wrote:
>> >>> Anyone else experience that Thunderbird is extremely slow when
>> >>> scrolling through an Inbox? Perhaps THIS inbox? (The one you're
>> >>> looking at.)
>> >>>
>> >>> For me, when I'm on a mailing list inbox, scrolling through the
>> >>> message list is painful at best. The messages themselves load fine
>> >>> because I have Thunderbird download all messages locally to save
>> >>> bandwidth (I'm using IMAP) but the message list column's
>> >>> scrolling is dreadfully slow.
>> >>>
>> >>> Google says I'm not the only one, just wondering if anyone has any
>> >>> insight
>> >>
>> >> I'm not experiencing this problem.  How do you have your inbox set
>> >> up?  Do all of your inbound emails go there?  Have you though about
>> >> setting up message rules and filtering out the emails from this
>> >> mailing list and put them in a separate folder?  That's how I have it
>> >> set up.  Also when was the last time you compacted your mail folders?
>> >>
>> >
>> > I'm using IMAP, set to download all my mail for "offline" viewing to
>> > save on IMAP bandwidth.
>> >
>> > We're not talking a huge mailbox here.. I delete my mailing list stuff
>> > every few weeks.. it's the application itself. Any time a scrollbar is
>> > present in the messages column, it's VERY jaggedy. The other window
>> > columns scroll fine (such as the compose window I am typing in.)
>> Thunderbird seems plenty fast on all my systems, and I use IMAP to
>> connect to about six different email servers.
>> Try turning off the feature to download mail for offline viewing. I
>> don't really see how that can SAVE on IMAP bandwidth, because it will
>> have to download every message and attachment you receive, whether you
>> look at it or not. On an active list like this one there are probably
>> lots of messages you never want to open.
> Well, I'm pretty sure it's the application itself. PLEASE NOTE, I was using the 3 column effect so ALL the messages were being listed from top to bottom in the application whereas most people only show 4-10. When I switched back to "Classic view" only showing a few emails, it scrolled a lot faster, but this is not what I want.

Not sure what you're describing -- on my system "classic view" has
about 15 messages listed in the top-right panel. I tried switching to
"vertical view" with no change in scrolling speed. (Of course maybe at
some point I dragged the panel to expand the message list -- if I want
to actually read a message I open it in a new window).

If you have scrolling issues on other applications it could be an X
driver issue (the "jaggedy" scroll area might indicate that too).

OH and I'm running Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid. Are you by chance running a
pre-release version of 9.04 Jaunty?

> I "solved" this entire issue by switching to Mutt, heh.

If Mutt works better for you, then that's all the better. You can
ditch X entirely and save the heartache and startup time whenever you
log in.

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