pikkin up n old bone "dial up'

Cybe R. Wizard cybe_r_wizard at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 10 18:29:52 UTC 2009

"Cybe R. Wizard" <cybe_r_wizard at earthlink.net>  said:
> Robert Holtzman <holtzm at cox.net>  said:
> > If 
> > it's not there see if a friend can download the package for you and 
> > transfer it on a flash drive to your computer where you can install
> > it.
> Make a list first.  It has quite a few dependencies.
> Cybe

I think that ppp and pppconfig are included by default (anybody know
for sure?). You might have some luck running <sudo pppconfig> in a
terminal and configuring a modem connection from there.  Pon and poff
work fine from the command line.

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