pikkin up n old bone "dial up'

Robert Holtzman holtzm at cox.net
Fri Apr 10 17:33:12 UTC 2009

On Fri, 10 Apr 2009, John Heinen wrote:

> Robert Holtzman wrote:
>> On Wed, 8 Apr 2009, John Heinen wrote:
>>> I have windows and also open suse running just fine but I haver never
>>> been able even with all the {outdated?)  references to get the dial-up
>>> going on ubuntu 8.04-1  / seems to me that all the recources available
>>> do not excactly point the way for a dial-up.
>>> First step: System, adminstratrion, network,  then " A" Wired connection
>>> or B point to point?/
>> I couldn't get it to work with network manager either. I finally
>> installed gnome-ppp and it worked fine.
> How did you install gnome- ppp, is it on a cd such as ubuntu 8.4 or
> kubuntu 8.04

Same way as any software: apt-get install  or for the cli challenged: 

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