Setting up partitions for dual-boot (w/ WinXP) via Intrepid installer *SOLVED*

Mike.lifeguard mikelifeguard at
Fri Apr 10 01:55:37 UTC 2009

So in the end, I did everything via terminal on the ubuntu live session
with ntfsresize and fdisk. Using 'JkDefrag -a 5' in Windows made the
operation much faster, I think. In the end I found &
simply followed those commands exactly. Took only a few moments. The
only hurdle was that initially I couldn't access the NTFS partition from
Ubuntu. It wouldn't mount because it wasn't shut down properly. Simply
booted into Windows (which ran chkdsk on boot, finding no problems) and
then rebooted back into Ubuntu to see the magic at work.

Now to begin transferring all my preferences and what not :D

  mikelifeguard at

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