Rhythmbox Shuts down randomly

Bob Cortez rjcortez at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 01:11:59 UTC 2009

> OK as Rashkae pointed out, you've run out of disk space. So, it's time
> to trim some fat. Use Applications|Accessories|Disk Usage Anaalyzer|Scan
> Home  & Scan Filesystem - to determine which applications/files are
> taking up the most disk space. Have a look at what is taking up the most
> space and consider trimming.
> My guess would be that you may have a large music collection; if I'm
> correct, rather than running them all from sda2, perhaps you can instead
> run them from sdc1 etc. As long as you have the other drive(s) mounted
> you should be able to use the other drive(s) to play your music:
> Music|Import Folder| - browse to the location where the music resides on
> the other drive/partition.

Temporary fix was to turn off all plug-ins except minimize to tray and
portable player support.

I think it was the album art feature that is clogging the system,
because all this box is used for is media and it's all stored on
different drives than the actual rhythmbox program.

Thanks for the help guys.  Really appreciate it.


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