New to ubuntu Thanks for the help!

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Shawn said:

 >Ed Oneill wrote:
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>> Ed Oneill wrote:
>>> how serious of a problem are viruses in ubuntu os and can they cause 
>>> damage /how can I prevent virus? I just installed ubuntu a few days 
>>> ago and have had a problem with screens freezing up? what can cause this ?
>>> any hepl would be great !!!    Thank you !!!
>>> kodiack91
>> It's *highly* unlikely that you have a virus. Although there are some 
>> viruses for linux, in general, unless your a corporation running a 
>> server, you dont really need to worry about them at this point in time. 
>> Most Linux security threats are fixed within hours (alright, that might 
>> be a slight exaggeration), so as long as your updated, theres not much 
>> to worry about.
>> If the screen is freezing up, you either have a problem with your 
>> xorg.conf or something with your hardware is faulty.
>> What video card are you using?

> Thank you for=
>  the reply! I have a few new questions if you have the time! I am new to co=
> mputers used windows for only a few years limited use. I switched to Unbunt=
> u 8.10 and find it much faster running but difficult to learn.  I am t=
> rying to learn how to use pigeon and also how to install apps with text i t=
> hink it is called command line?i tried to google it but can not find any st=
> ep by step directions .<br>after your message iI was able to find bit defen=
> der for unbuntu but do not know how to install a deb file of where to find =
> it on my computer after download ?<br><br>I also was wondering how to stop =
> an app. if it freezes on windows it was ctrl-alt-delete but cant find how t=
> o get the system to respond if it freezes up on unbuntu I have to shut off =
> power to tower with power button and
>  restart!

What video card are you using?

Can you be a bit more specific about what you would like to know about 

Command line: I have been using ubuntu for several years and I have 
not needed to nor wanted to, use command line to install apps! All I 
do is use
or alternatively for a wider range of packages and libraries etc
System>Administration>Synaptic Package Manager

My systems don't freeze, maybe something is wrong with your hardware?

Note that
System>Administration>System Monitor offers a list of running 
processes, with the ability to stop or kill them.....


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