pikkin up n old bone "dial up'

squareyes squareyes at internode.on.net
Thu Apr 9 01:47:04 UTC 2009

John Heinen wrote:
> I have windows and also open suse running just fine but I haver never
> been able even with all the {outdated?)  references to get the dial-up
> going on ubuntu 8.04-1  / seems to me that all the recources available
> do not excactly point the way for a dial-up.
> First step: System, adminstratrion, network,  then " A" Wired connection
> or B point to point?/
Hi John,
try opening a terminal type in   sudo pppconfig and enter your password 
when prompted.
You should now be able to fill in details, leave the  "Provider" section 
as is. It may not be able to find which port your modem is connected to, 
so enter it manually. Serial external modems are usually workable, but 
if you have a "winmodem" you may have problems, also some usb modems are 
software driven and will also give you headaches.
when it's all filled in connect by opening a terminal and type   pon
Disconnect by typing   poff
Hope this helps
Take Care

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