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Aleks A.-Lessmann aleks at
Mon Apr 6 13:20:05 UTC 2009

On Thu, 26 Mar 2009 13:40:39 -0400, Richard <rick0009 at> wrote:

I'll just describe what *I* use to do those things (where I even do
them...). It may fit what you want, it may not. I'm not a beginner with
Ubuntu or Linux, or even Unix, and would call me a quite knowledgeable
user (I know, those are the worst kind, because they *think* they know).
A complete beginner to Ubuntu of Linux may or may not have problem
running these. I sincerely don't know.

>*1a.*    With Audio, been using Windows Media Player, and foobar...all 
>has been great,
>Since, I only rip in Lossless formats like .WMA lossless or .Flac Lossless,
>I can covert to any other format if need be, also Windows Media Player 
>(Library/JukeBox) has no problems,
>with 32,000+ songs.

I use Soundkonverter for format conversion and Amarok as player. My
library is mostly in a central server at my SoHo, from where I just copy
the files to my Notebook I may want to take with me.

>Using Windows Media Player, I can grab 12 or more songs, from different 
>CD's, and BURN my own Audio Mix,

Brasero can burn music files into a music CD without a problem. I don't
rip CDs, so I don't know what really works under Ubuntu. I've used
ripping software under OpenSuse that worked quite well and I'd be
surprised if there isn't anything Ubuntu to match that.

>*2a.*   Video, I have a massive collection of Video Format Movies, in 
>.mkv, .avi, .mov, .mp4...etc
>Now, Windows Media Player (Stinks) for playback, so I have install "The 

VLC, of which there is also a MS-Windows version, can play a plethora of
formats. I'd say it's about the best player in the market for any
operating system.

>*3a*. Photography & Photo Scanning & Photo Editing,
>Now, Yes I do use Photoshop... installed works great...  Now I have 
>played with Gimp, But lets get real shall we...

Don't "play" with GIMP - learn to use it to its full extent. The
learning curve will be steeper than the PS one, as you will have to
learn how to do many PS things the GIMP way, but Script-Fu alone can
help you go miles and miles further and easier than PS. 

You will have to forget every PS trick, because GIMP is NOT Photoshop.
I've been told there are some very good books on using GIMP, as well as
some good tutorials. I can't vouch for those, as I've never read any of

BTW, would you have said you need GIMP for print pre-processing, I may
have told you to stick to Photoshop, as I don't think GIMP is as
powerful in that realm. But for Photo images - go for it.

There is even a GIMP version that tries to be similar to Photoshop to
ease the pain of moving from PS to GIMP. If I were you I'd not go there
but learn GIMP as is.


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