Bootup freezes at "Starting up..."

Michael Peek peek at
Wed Apr 8 17:30:48 UTC 2009

Flynn, Steve (L & P - IT) wrote:
> Your servers are identical in hardware; are they identical in BIOS
> versions and patches?
> The fact that the machine boots in uniprocessor but fails in
> multiprocessor mode would imply that there's a problem configuring the
> second processor and this would normally be a BIOS function (to a
> certain degree).
> As you have one machine which boots just fine with this kernel and
> another which doesn't I'd begin with trying to determine the BIOS
> versions in both machines and see if there's an update path open to you.
> You may be able to glean some of this information from dmesg output if
> you're loathe to reboot the boxes just to get into the BIOS's - I'm not
> sure what uptime you need to maintain on those servers.

Ah, good point.

The server that works has a BIOS rev. 1.1b from 08/04/08
The server that doesn't has a BIOS rev. 1.2 from 11/04/08

Unfortunately, the server that doesn't work already has the latest 
BIOS.  I'll have to see if I can find the older version.

Thanks for your help!


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