Jaunty beta - lost my nvidia drivers *** SOLVED ***

sdavmor sdavmor at systemstheory.net
Wed Apr 8 16:51:11 UTC 2009

Leonard Chatagnier wrote:

> --- On Wed, 4/8/09, sdavmor <sdavmor at systemstheory.net> wrote:
>> It was embarrassingly simple and glaringly obvious once it dawned
>>  on me [light bulb time] what the real problem was. I was still 
>> booting the 2.6.27-11-generic kernel instead of 
>> 2.6.28-11-generic. As soon as I added the .28. kernel to grub 
>> letting it be the default choice everything fell into place with 
>> my video. The nvidia 180 revision driver now shows as activated 
>> and the system boots properly. The nvidia X Server settings 
>> program presents me with all the options I expected to see, and I
>>  can set the display to 1920x1200.
> Strange, whenever I install a new kernel using whatever front end 
> to apt that I use, update-grub is automatically run adding the new 
> kernel and I only have to reboot to load it, which you did also. 
> Are you doing strange and mysterious things the rest of us are 
> unaware of?  Of course, if I get an update-grub error that it 
> failed, then I would run it manually and never have had to 
> personally edit menu.lst to add a kernel. Please explain if you 
> will as I'm probably misunderstanding something you said or did. 
> Leonard Chatagnier lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net

When I did the dist-upgrade ISTR it offered me the choice of
installing the package-manger's version of menu.lst, merging, or
keeping my menu.lst. No doubt I told it to keep mine, for whatever
reason crossed my mind at the time. Jaunty ran fine for a few days on
the 2.6.27-11-generic kernel (except for the CD/DVD burner apps, which
have been flaky ever since), until it abruptly crated "X". I shall pay
more attention next time I upgrade in place. I shall be trying out the
RT kernel for the ubuntu-studio Jaunty beta soon, so I shall watch it
like a hawk, and make a written note of anything where I'm given a
choice...just in case.
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