PHP framework for book sharing

Guy Thouret lists at
Wed Apr 8 15:18:24 UTC 2009

On Mon, 2009-04-06 at 15:54 -0700, Rogelio wrote:
> Several coworkers and I have scattered amongst us all sorts of resources 
>   related to the mesh stuff we do (RADIUS, networking, RF, antennas, 
> microwave, R&S, Linux, etc), and most of these resources are in the form 
> of PDF or Word docs.
> Is there a PHP framework that I can easily "apt-get install" on an 
> Ubuntu box that would allow us to login and easily share these resources 
> with each other?
> (Ideally, something like this would have an RSS feed so that we could 
> get updates when a coworker uploads something.)

I think starting your own wiki is the natural solution:
sudo apt-get install mediawiki ?

A collaborative collection of information resources is, after all, what
a wiki is designed for.


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