samba permissions : create file/directory as home goup

Bruno Pinto bpbroas at
Wed Apr 8 13:59:34 UTC 2009

Hi all,

My issue is as follows:

1 - I have a up and runnig samba server with all permissions set

2 - I have a couple of root users that have full permissions to access all
other users homes

3 - home permissions are set as 0770

the problem:

1 - when creating a file/folder with user B on user A home

2 - it gains permissions 0770 ( so far so good )

3 - but file is set as user=B group=B

what i want

1 - to force samba to save as user=A group=A

2 - i've tryed *force user = %u* but i only managed to block access to the
folder lol

If anyone as an idea please let me know

Thanks all
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