Best Backup software for Ubuntu 8.10

Derek Broughton derek at
Wed Apr 8 01:57:35 UTC 2009

Nolan Cooper wrote:

>   Nolan flopped in chair, hunched shoulders, and pecked out:
>> Walton Hoops wrote:
> /snip/
>> Face it, the average user _can't_ use cron, and even if he could he'd
>> still need to figure out what command to use.
>            ^^^^^^^^^^

I'm pretty sure _I_ wrote that...

> And why is that a *bad* thing.
> Any time you learn, *that* is good.  :)

Sure, but it still misses the point that the OP asked for "easy to use"
backup software (or words to that effect - you've resurrected a thread I
thought already dead)

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