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Thorny thorntreehome at
Wed Apr 8 12:12:15 UTC 2009

>[SJ]> Just because you use Linux, it doesn’t mean your computer
>> have viruses or worms. They are just lying dormant, embedded in the EXE
>> files on the NTFS partitions, or hiding beside those DLLs on the
>> dual-boot computers, waiting for you to send them to your Windows-using
>> friends.
>[SM] yes, this is true.

No, it's not it's an outrageous claim.

If one is "using Linux" there is no transport agent for those virus
infected files to get spread to any other computers, until it's booted
into Windows. While "Linux virus" have been crafted as a
"proof-of-concept" they have not spread in the "wild". It is true that if
one is running a mail server for windows clients then it's probably a good
idea to scan and not pass on Windows virus. It's not a virus if one can
"social engineer" someone into doing something stupid.

Most of this FUD gets it's start from marketing efforts on the part of
people who want to sell AV software.

We've had this discussion here in the past, we don't all agree, such is
life, I don't expect it will be different this time.

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