help please

Nils Kassube kassube at
Wed Apr 8 06:19:43 UTC 2009

Bahaa m7amed wrote:
> help me

From the subject of the thread from your link it seems you need help 
very urgently. Maybe you should consider commercial support: 

However if you prefer unpaid help, you are welcome here. There are some 
points to increase the chance to get a reply:

- Be patient. The unpaid support you get on this list (and on the 
forums) is from unpaid volunteers. It may take some days until someone 
who can help sees your question. There are many people worldwide 
reading this list but nobody is reading the list 24/7. Some people 
don't even read the list every day.

- You linked to your question in the ubuntu forum - why? It was not even 
a direct link to your question but the starting point for a quest for 
other threads. OTOH your actual question was only a few lines, 
therefore it would have been much easier to repeat the question here.

- Your forum thread links to pictures which are not accessible to me. I 
am not a forum user and I have little incentive to register there. Some 
other subscribers of this list may think similar. Perhaps you could 
upload the pictures to a freely accessible location like 

Now let's see if I can at least help you a little bit with your problem. 
I don't know MS virtual pc - is it a virtual machine? Then you may 
consider to try VirtualBox instead. You can download it for free here: 
<>. A friend of mine has used 
it with one of the many Vista versions to successfully run Kubuntu 8.04 
on a machine similar to yours.


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