New to ubuntu

Shawn McCuan smccuan at
Wed Apr 8 05:08:40 UTC 2009

Ed Oneill wrote:
> how serious of a problem are viruses in ubuntu os and can they cause 
> damage /how can I prevent virus? I just installed ubuntu a few days 
> ago and have had a problem with screens freezing up? what can cause this ?
> any hepl would be great !!!    Thank you !!!
> kodiack91
It's *highly* unlikely that you have a virus. Although there are some 
viruses for linux, in general, unless your a corporation running a 
server, you dont really need to worry about them at this point in time. 
Most Linux security threats are fixed within hours (alright, that might 
be a slight exaggeration), so as long as your updated, theres not much 
to worry about.

If the screen is freezing up, you either have a problem with your 
xorg.conf or something with your hardware is faulty.

What video card are you using?

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