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> Any time you learn, *that* is good.  :)
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My backing-up is as simple as right-click on a folder or file, and
select 'Create Archive'. I use Ubuntu 8.10.

I have limited time. I would love to play with alternatives. I have made
a copy of all the opportunities presented (backup2l, rsync, kdar and
others). From reading (this list, many threads) I especially appreciate
the versatility of rsync.

I have read every mail of this thread: (Best Backup software)
I think the best Backup software is between our ears.

The best way to determine your BU system is to ask yourself:
"What if I lost everything (in my computer) today?
  What part of it would really hurt?"

Backing-up stuff that you DO NOT NEED is A SERIOUS MISTAKE.
(but enjoying doing so is a valid excuse)
Explanation: 'BIG/GOOD' backups are often unwieldy. As a consequence,
you will not use it when needed (it takes more time than available).
Even with limited backups I find myself picking out specific info in old
backups (an important folder, usually). Instead of using the entire

My answer to that specific question:
"If I lost everything, what part would really hurt?"

VERY LITTLE (say 1% of the data in my system).
The trouble is, (without planning ahead) that 1% is spread 'all over the
place'. I would have to backup 50+% of the data to be sure the essential
1% is included.
So I decided to change my computer-life-style to get rid of the excess.

Somebody in the beginning of the thread said: "You have to backup as you
... and that's what I am doing.

To make it work, I use a STAGING-AREA, a separate folder 'myBackup'.
(with subfolders: myEmail-BU, Financial-BU, myEvolution-mailerBU, and 3

As soon I have done the essentials of the day I ask myself: Anything
(The answer is clear, even at 70 years old, because I remember the
IMPORTANT things easily).
I backup accordingly. To my STAGING-area (myBackup folder ON harddisk).
For the essential folder or file in question:
I use Right-Click > Create archive.
I copy the tar.gz file to Staging-area. (I add a date)

Now my Backup has become a super-simple routine:
COPY myBackup (to 1 of 2 USB-flashdrive routinely, to other BU-media
Note: COPY (the files are easily recognized: 090404-myEmail. I can
easily see what I have done and when).

I copy to STAGING almost immediately (if it is something that I cannot
afford to lose), weekly otherwise.
I Backup to Flash-drive same day if anything important has transpired.

My backing up is as simple as right-click on a folder or file, and
select 'Create Archive'.
That was made possible because I changed my computer-lifestyle to
facilitate easy Backup.
I use Ubuntu 8.10. 


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