how to try dev builds in Debian and Ubuntu and purge them if needed

NoOp glgxg at
Tue Apr 7 19:00:22 UTC 2009

On 04/06/2009 04:10 PM, H.S. wrote:
> H.S. wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Many times I have tried to play with the dev builds temporarily. The
>> installation is usually straightforward, but removal is not. Here are
>> steps I follow for all this.
>> Download the dev build. Let us assume it is OOO310_dev.tgz and that it
>> is downloaded in /tmp
>> Extract the download archive:
>> $> cd /tmp
>> $> tar zxf OOO310_dev.tgz
>> The above step usually creates a new directory. Assume that in our
>> example, it is called OOO310_dev (don't delete this dir just yet, even
>> though it is not really needed after installation, we will use this to
>> extract the names of the packages that were installed).
>> Next, go in to the DEBS directory in that directory and install the dev
>> build using dpkg:
>> $> cd OOO310_dev/DEBS
>> $> sudo dpkg -i --instdir=/usr/local *.deb
>> Here, "--instdir=/usr/local" tells dpkg to install the package in opt
>> directory in /usr/local directory. Without this switch, the packages are
>> installed in opt directory in / directory (the default). I prefer to
>> custom installed packages to go to /usr/local, you may choose
>> differently though.
>> Next, start openoffice with command
>> /usr/local/opt/OOo/openoffice.org3/program/soffice
> Should have been
> /usr/local/opt/openoffice.org3/program/soffice

I've always had good experiences using this:

I generally install in a local (/home) directory or /opt - for example I
have OOo 2.4.2 installed in /home/OOo242.

To purge I just delete the directory.

That said, an OOo dev installation (using the .deb) from OOo will
install into /opt directly as OOo-dev and can be easily purged using
Synaptic. See:

Currently I have installed on this system:

OOo 2.4.2 (/home/OOo242)
OOo (Ubuntu) 2.4.1  (standard /usr/lib/openofice/)
OOo 3.1RC (/opt/openoffice.org3)
OOo 3.2devM44 (/opt/ooo-dev3)

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