problem with chmod

Bret Busby bret at
Tue Apr 7 11:18:20 UTC 2009

On Tue, 7 Apr 2009, Thorny wrote:

> sudo mkdir /debian_home /data   #will create the directories (folders) in
> your filesystem, this is required for mounting, the mount points have to
> be there.
> sudo mount -a   #will then mount all the mount points in your fstab that
> are correctly configured and that do not have the noauto option. You will
> have the permissions you specify.

If I use
mkdir /debian_home /data
, will that not create sub-directories within my home directory, rather 
than the partitions being mounted as partitions?

>From what I understand, the partitions, being partitions, would need to, 
if I need to use mkdir to create mountpoints for them, be set up as
mkdir /mnt/debian_home /mnt/data .

Is that wrong?

Oh, and, with the actions that I have gone through, in trying to deal 
with this, I have activated the root account, so that, whilst Ubuntu 
has some deviations from what I understand to be Linux standards (eg, 
using UUID's rather than device paths, in fstab), I can now use the root 
account for system maintenance, rather than sudo (which I really do not 
like, and regard as a security risk), which makes the system a bit more 
consistent with what I understand to be standard Linux.

Bret Busby
West Australia

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