Networking issue

Aart Koelewijn aart at
Tue Apr 7 09:24:49 UTC 2009

On Tue, 07 Apr 2009 22:09:12 +1930, Jose Rodriguez wrote:

> Hello everyone!
> Here is my problem, hope someone can help.
> Im trying to setup a wireless network with my Pc as a wireless router. I
> have a Broadcom wireless card and im using Ubuntu 8.04.
> For the configuration of the network i followed these instructions:
> For the configuration of a DNS and DHCP i followed these:
> I basically:
> - Configured /etc/network/interfaces with eth0, which has an IP assigned
> dinamically by the router/modem; and also configured wlan0 interface
> with an IP static.
> - I tested connectivity, everything fine. - Then configured a DNS/DHCP
> server using dnsmasq. - Finally NAT with a script as the link above can
> show you.
> I dont think the DHCP was working so i deactivated. My problem is, i
> have internet in my pc/wireless router but when i try to connect my
> cellphone or another Pc or my Ipod to the wireless network i created i
> dont have access to internet. I assigned an static IP to every device
> but i cant navigate.
> From the router i ping every interface and it works but when i try to
> reach other host supposedly connected with ping, i cant reached it. Same
> if i try from a Pc to the router. What am i missing here??? I thought it
> could be a bad assigment of IP address but for my eth0 im using
>, and for my wlan0 im using The hosts
> then would have
> Then only thing i could think of is that when i configured my wireless
> card they recommend to set it as a master mode, but i havent been able
> to make it support that. I set it in ad-hoc mode which it suppose to
> work as well.
> Any other information i can supply so someone call help will be
> delivered.
> Thanxs in advance.

It looks like a routing problem. Do all your devices know the gateway and 
nameserver they have to use? I don't know how to check/set that in a 
cellphone/Ipod, but in a linux pc you can check it with the "route" 
command and set it f.i. in NetworkManager. You can also use the /etc/
hosts file to set basic name-IP translations for your own network.


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