PHP framework for book sharing

Hal Burgiss hal at
Tue Apr 7 00:08:21 UTC 2009

On Mon, Apr 06, 2009 at 03:54:56PM -0700, Rogelio wrote:
> Several coworkers and I have scattered amongst us all sorts of resources 
>   related to the mesh stuff we do (RADIUS, networking, RF, antennas, 
> microwave, R&S, Linux, etc), and most of these resources are in the form 
> of PDF or Word docs.
> Is there a PHP framework that I can easily "apt-get install" on an 
> Ubuntu box that would allow us to login and easily share these resources 
> with each other?
> (Ideally, something like this would have an RSS feed so that we could 
> get updates when a coworker uploads something.)

sudo apt-get install wordpress

Probably would come close to fitting the bill. Built in rss, built in
file upload capability. How you organize your users and content may
be something to spend time on. User management is something Wordpress
is very strong on, and very easy to use. There are a zillion plugins
too. I believe there is one that is a 'download monitor' plugin, but
the other side is it does a lot to allow you to organize your uploads
(eg put them into categories). There's always a lot of ways to skin
the same cat, though. Some learning curve, but Wordpress is the best
in its niche, and really well done. If Ubuntu does not have 2.7, I
would manually install that instead. It's a significant improvement in
the administrative end. There is also a qazillion free themes
floating around, so you can skin it more to your liking.

You need Apache and mysql. Assuming those are running, and you know
where to put stuff. The install is very easy. Even a raw install.


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