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Mon Apr 6 21:58:43 UTC 2009

On 04/05/2009 05:21 AM, Derek Broughton wrote:
> Justin wrote:
>> "Wine Is Not an Emulator" was the original acronym, however that's no
>> longer official. The project has just been Wine (as opposed to WINE) for
>> some time now.
>> Wine is a native implementation of the Win32 API and is therefore not an
>> emulator any more than the python (or any) libraries are,
>> /offtopic off
> I hate that stupid line.  It's an API layer that allows _Windows_ programs
> to run in Linux.  By any normal definition of "emulator" it is one, and
> even the Wine devs have recognized that by no longer insisting in its name
> that it is not an emulator.

It seems their offical site still does state:
Some people mean by that that Wine must emulate each processor
instruction of the Windows application. This is plain wrong. As Wine's
name says: "Wine Is Not an Emulator": Wine does not emulate the Intel
x86 processor.

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