Keyboard Lag

NoOp glgxg at
Mon Apr 6 18:48:25 UTC 2009

On 03/27/2009 12:09 PM, Michael Haney wrote:
> Ok, it going to take me a while to build a new system, even the
> cheaper $200 Atom-based rig I plan to build due to money woes.  So, in
> the meantime I need to use this machine still and I've been noticing a
> problem.
> I get keyboard lag.  What do I mean, well as I type for a while what I
> type appears on screen immediately as it should but from time to time
> the cursor stops and then what I've been typing suddenly all appears
> at once and then things go back to normal.  This happens not just in
> Firefox but also in Open Office and even Kate.  Its like there is
> something hanging the system every few seconds but I've checked CPU
> usage and I can't find anything that's causing it.
> My system specs:
> OS:  Kubuntu 8.10
> CPU: 1.2GHz AMD Athlon XP 2000+
> RAM:  1GB
> Hard Drive: 160GB ATA-100 Maxtor
> Video: 8x AGP Nvidia Geforce FX 5600 w/256 RAM
> Sound: Sound Blaster Live
> Any ideas?  This problem is getting really pronounced lately.

Try adding a new user as a test profile and see if it occurs there as
well. If it does not, then at least you'll know that it is something in
your user settings and not the system.

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