Fwd: MBR as a constant

Allen Meyers texas.chef94 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 16:38:12 UTC 2009

The subject title is really not as descriptive as it should be, but here goes.
Most windows/Linux users have windows first with the MBR as a constant
I guess. I on the other hand have no windows but 8.10 is my constant
(I thought) on sda. Debian is sdb on external.
My question is when I upgrade to 9.04 on sda1 does MBR as a matter of
course load with it into my internal HD?
Like when I loaded Debian the question was asked as 2 drives were
detected where to put grub MBR or?
I know this sounds confused, but I just wanted it spelled out because
the OS on my HD is not a constant and I am windowless

Allen Meyers
texas.chef94 at gmail.com

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