how can I tell which patches I have applied?

H.S. hs.samix at
Mon Apr 6 16:21:43 UTC 2009

Glenn Holmer wrote:
> Subject says all, is there a list on my machine somewhere or a GUI tool
> that can show what I've applied?  I'm on 8.04 with GNOME.

This looks like a way to see what security updates have been applied to
a system as it is done in Windows systems. AFAIK, this is not how it
works in Linux.

In Linux one checks what version of a package is installed (you can use
synaptic package manager for that, or dpkg). Your distro usually has
information about what changes were made in the installed version of a
package. For example, for a package foo, ver 3.0, you need to go to
Ubuntu's website, check their page for foo and see what was the
changelog for version 3.0. You can also checks for some relevant
information in /usr/share/doc/foo directory on your system. On a related
note, you might be interested in apt-listchanges package.



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