problem with chmod

Thorny thorntreehome at
Mon Apr 6 11:55:39 UTC 2009

> I want to be able to access what is in those two partitions - read and
> write access, from the Debian partition.

Once they are mounted, they become part of the filesystem of your Ubuntu
installation. They will have permissions (properties) according to the
location in the filesystem and/or the way you choose to mount them.

> I do not ant that partition to be used as the /home partition for
> Ubuntu.

No, I suppose you don't, I hoped that question would make you think about
where you wanted them mounted. Remember, that you can read and write files
in your ~home, so if they were mounted there you would have read and write
access there.

> But I have previously been able to access /mnt/data partitions and
> underlying directory hierarchies, as a user, with Debian 3.1, with
> read/write access, and so I assumed that I would be able to similarly
> access these partitions from Ubuntu.

Sure, it's possible for root (sys admin) to change those permissions, it's
just generally a better idea for an inexperienced user to leave standard
filesystem permissions as they are and mount things where they have the
access they desire. Not a hard and fast rule, it's your system to choose,
however, you need to understand how things work or you have problems. eh?


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